Specific Licenses in Hong Kong

Apart from obtaining the business registration certificate, certain businesses are required to hold additional specific licenses for authorized activites in fields such as: banking, insurance, trust company, telecommunications, money service operation, funds operation.

The goods & services business license is the most common license in Hong Kong and it is classified into three business groups: (1) Food; (2) Non-food Goods; and (3) Services. 

Food businesses are recommended to apply for the relevant license before starting the trading, selling, processing and production of regulated food, including beverages, fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, meat, fish, confectionery and bakery products.
Restaurants and food stores are also required to hold the specific license that is appropriate for their activity and must provide full details of the activity in the application forms.

Trade in non-food goods is also regulated and a specific license is required. There is a wide range of regulated activities including, among others, chemicals, clothing and footwear, animals and pets, jewellery and electrical appliances.
A specific license is required to operate a business in certain categories including, amusement and recreation, construction, cultural and social services, education, financial services, fire and security, land and air transport, medical and social welfare services, personal services, printing and publishing, research and development of natural sciences and engineering, storage and freight handling, telecommunications, travel services, waste, water transport and shipping agents.  

November 2015

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