Formation procedure and business registration in Malaysia

The incorporation of a public limited company in Malaysia follows a similar two stage process to the registration of the registration of a foreign company or branch office in Malaysia. First, name approval must be obtained before submission to the SSM of the following documents (within three months of name approval):

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, translated into English and certified;
  • Form 6 (Declaration of Conformity); Form 48A (certificate of the person designated administrator) before incorporation of the company;
  • Documents provided by the SSM duly completed;
  • Copy of the identity card (or passport for a non-Malaysian) of each director and company secretary.
When approved the SSM will issue the certificate of incorporation. A non-listed company can start business immediately or after the completion of a few additional formalities for a listed company.
The registration fee depends on the value of the company’s share capital from RM 1,000 (for a share capital of RM 100, 000 and less) (approx. USD230 and USD23,000 to RM 70,000 (for a registered capital of RM 100 million or more - approx. USD16,000 and USD 23million).

The incorporation procedure is usually complete in two to three weeks.

​January 2016
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