Establishing a Subsidiary in Singapore

A foreign company may incorporate a subsidiary in Singapore as a private company limited by shares of which the majority of shares are held by the foreign parent company. It is incorporated with limited liability and has a distinct legal identity. The foreign parent’s liability is limited to the value of the shares it has subscribed to in the subsidiary and may be the sole shareholder, owning 100% of the subsidiary’s shares. A Singapore subsidiary is entitled to local tax incentives. Depending on the structure of their shareholding, certain companies may pay zero tax on the first S$100,000 (approx. USD70,000) of chargeable income for the first three consecutive years after incorporation.

Setup Requirements for Singapore Subsidiary Company

  • Minimum one Corporate Shareholder
  • One Resident Director
  • One Company Secretary
  • Minimum initial paid-up capital is S$1
  • A Singapore registered office address
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