Singapore Company Formation and business registration

Step 1: Name Reservation
The first step to set up a Singapore company, is to obtain name approval from the Singapore Registrar of Companies.  Rosemont completes the application for name approval as part of the incorporation and registration service.

Name approval/rejection takes less than an hour, unless the proposed name includes regulated words including bank, finance, law, media, etc. that might require the review and approval of an external government authority, which may delay the name approval process by few days.

To increase the chances of receiving a quick name approval, the name should not:

  • be identical or too similar to any existing local company names;
  • infringe any existing tradenames;
  • be obscene or vulgar; and
  • be reserved already.
An approved name will be reserved for 60 days from the date of application. The name reservation can be extended by a further 60 days by filing an extension request before the expiry date.

Step 2: Register the Company
On receipt of name approval, the incorporation request can be filed and the Registrar of Companies approval can be obtained in a few hours. The incorporation procedure may be delayed if the authorities request additional information.
A registration fee of S$300 (approx. USD200) is payable to the Registrar of Companies on incorporation.
Supporting Documents
To incorporate, the following information is required by the Company Registrar:
  • Company name;
  • Brief description of the proposed business activity;
  • Details of the shareholders, directors and company secretary;
  • Address of the registered office
  • Constitution. The Company Registrar provides standard Constitution document that is suitable for most companies.
Rosemont will collect the following documents from you to prepare the incorporation documentation:
  • For Non-Residents: Copy of passport, proof of overseas residential address  and  Know-Your-Client (KYC) information including bank reference letter, personal and business profile, etc.
  • For Singapore Residents: Copy of Singapore identity card
  • If the Shareholder is a corporate entity: Copy of registration documents including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Note that officially certified English translations must be provided of any documents that are not in English.

Any further inquiries, please contact us.