Singapore Limited Liability Partnership

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a perfect blend of a partnership with the benefits of private limited company.

An LLP gives its owners the flexibility of operating as a partnership, while having a separate legal identity similar to a private limited company. This type of entity is highly suitable for individuals engaged in professional services, including lawyers, architects, accountants and management consultants. Singapore citizens, residents, and employment pass holders can register a LLP. Foreign individuals and companies may also register an LLP but must appoint a local manager.

Features of an LLP

  • It is a separate legal entity.
  • Partners have limited liability.
  • Minimum of two partners, no maximum limit.
  • Partners can be individuals or a body corporate (company or other LLP).
Setup Requirements for a LLP
  • Minimum two partners.
  • Minimum one manager who must be a Singapore resident.
  • A Singapore registered office address.
Tax and Singapore LLP
A Singapore LLP, is not directly subject to tax as it is not considered to be a corporate entity. Income from an LLP is taxed in the hands of the partners at their personal income tax rates. A corporate partner will be taxed at the applicable corporate tax rate.

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