STARTING – My Business in Cambodia

STARTING RBA Services – Cambodia RBA has a depth of experience in advising and assisting entrepreneurs to set up and develop successful business operations in Cambodia. Based on RBA’s wide business network and partnership in Cambodia, our team can advise you on: The appropriate choice of legal entity for your business operations in Cambodia; The correct procedures to be followed for the incorporation and


RUNNING – My Business in Cambodia

RUNNING Taxation in Cambodia Tax on Profit (‘’ToP’’): 20% with the following exceptions: 30% of the profit realized under an oil or natural gas production sharing contract and the exploitation of natural resources including timber, ore, gold and precious stones;  0% of the profit of QIP during the tax exemption period as determined by Council for the Development of Cambodia (‘’CDC’’) (for a maximum of


STRUCTURING – My Business in Asia

Introduction Business that operate in Asia need to consider how best they should be structured to optimise their chances of success. Issues to be considered include the best way to structure the business from an efficient tax point of view, but at the same time taking into account the local practical operational conditions in the region. Successful businesses need to consider their business development