Share capital reduction with court-free process for companies in Hong Kong : How to do

Companies can take advantage of the court-free process in Hong Kong to conduct capital reduction to optimize excess capital, and conduct a share reduction. The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (“CO”)  has introduced a court-free process for reduction of capital of companies. The court free process requires directors to give a solvency statement in order to reduce the company’s capital. The procedures for capital reduction


New inspection regime for Hong Kong Companies Registry explained

Up to now, any person can obtain through a company search information regarding the residential addresses and personal identification numbers of directors and company secretaries of Hong Kong registered companies on the register of the Companies  Registry (“Register”). In light of the growing concern about the availability and use of  personal information, an inspection regime to protect such personal information was  included in the


STARTING – My Business in Hong Kong

STARTING Starting My Business in Hong Kong Register your business with us here Use our digital services for your business here GOVERNMENT’S POLICY One Country, Two Systems  It is a fundamental state policy formulated by Deng Xiaoping to accomplish the peaceful reunification of China by resolving the sovereignty questions of Hong Kong and Macao, that have arrisen from a complicated historical background. Deng Xiaoping


RUNNING – My Business in Hong Kong

RUNNING Running My Business in Hong Kong There is a famous Chinese Proverb “创业难,守业更难。”. It means “keeping is harder than winning”. Apart from being concerned with sustainable and profitable corporate development, business operators should regularly check and balance the long-term interests of the company, shareholders and stakeholders, especially employees. The management should maintain and promote good corporate governance in the company. The topics related


STRUCTURING – My Business in Asia

Introduction Business that operate in Asia need to consider how best they should be structured to optimise their chances of success. Issues to be considered include the best way to structure the business from an efficient tax point of view, but at the same time taking into account the local practical operational conditions in the region. Successful businesses need to consider their business development


Hong Kong: Two-tiered profits tax rates regime to be implemented from 1st of April 2018

On 29 March 2018, the Hong Kong Government published the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 3) Ordinance 2018, implementing a two-tiered profits tax rate regime to take effect on 1 April 2018, with the aim of establishing a favourable business environment, driving economic growth and enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness. Under the scheme:  The small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) will receive a boost from the Government