Common Questions about the Visa in Singapore answered

Here are some common questions about Visa in Singapore, answered by MBIA. We are here to help you to get a Visa in Singapore, contact us here.   Do I need an Employment Pass or any other relevant work pass if I work without a salary in Singapore? Quick answer – Yes, absolutely The limitation of hiring of foreign manpower is governed by Section


Foreign sourced income received in Singapore : all you need to know

In Singapore, tax resident and non-resident companies are generally taxed in the same manner, but tax resident companies can enjoy certain benefits for their foreign source income in Singapore, such as: Exemption or reduction in tax imposed on specified foreign income that is derived in a jurisdiction that has an Avoidance of double Taxation Agreement with Singapore; Tax exemption on specified foreign income such


What are the different types of work passes in Singapore in 2022 ?

Singapore remains a prospective nation for business ventures, both locally and internationally. The city has been consistently recognized as a global business and technology hub with its geographic location. Companies who intend to hire foreigners must ensure that they hold a valid work pass.  Likewise, foreigners who intend to work in Singapore are required to have a valid work pass. Depending on the type


STARTING – My Business in Singapore

STARTING Starting my business in Singapore Register your business with us here Singapore enjoys a favourable economic environment and offers various grants and attractive financial incentives to businesses. Thus, a large number of multinational companies have chosen Singapore as a regional hub in Asia.   Benefiting from a stable political and regulatory, as well as an independent judiciary, the city-state continues every day to attract


STRUCTURING – My Business in Asia

Introduction Business that operate in Asia need to consider how best they should be structured to optimise their chances of success. Issues to be considered include the best way to structure the business from an efficient tax point of view, but at the same time taking into account the local practical operational conditions in the region. Successful businesses need to consider their business development


RUNNING – My Business in Singapore

RUNNING Running my business in Singapore Apart from being concerned with the sustainable and profitable corporate’s development, business operators should regularly check and balance the interest of the company, shareholders and stakeholders, especially employees in the long term. Therefore, Management should maintain and promote good corporate governance in the company. The topics related to “Accounting & Reporting Standards”, “Business Taxes”, “Internet and E-commerce”, “Employee