Tightening measures to Singapore’s immigration rule – Dependant’s Pass holders must apply for work passes from 1 May 2021

The Ministry of Manpower announced that from 1 May 2021, Dependant’s Pass (“DP”) holders who wish to work in Singapore will have to apply for a relevant work pass, instead of being able to seek employment via a Letter of Consent (“LOC”). With Singapore known as a business-friendly country, with laws and tax system which attract foreigners to live and work here, these individuals


Singapore Employment Act explained in details (2021)

The Employment Act of 1968 is Singapore’s primary labour legislation which governs the relationship between the employer and the employees in an organization. The main purpose of the Act is to maintain good employment standards and safeguard working conditions for employees. Employment related regulations are an important area of legal requirements that Singapore companies must follow. All businesses, in their capacity as an employer,

The tax treatment of ex-gratia payments to a Singapore employee upon termination of employment contract

The tax clearance obligation for employees In the event of a termination of an employment contract with a non-Singapore Citizen employee, the employer must proceed to a tax clearance by filling the Form IR21 one month before: The employee ceases to work for you in Singapore; The employee starts an overseas posting; or The employee leaves Singapore for any period exceeding three months. In


The key role of the company secretary in Singapore

The Company Secretary is the vital officer in the internal governance and running business of the company. Responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of the company with the Singapore authorities and the law, the Secretary also operates as a key advisor between directors and shareholders as well as ensure the interest of the company. Singapore law requires every company to appoint one or more

2021 filing taxes Hong Kong

How to set up a Private Company Limited by Shares in Singapore (Pte Ltd) : the complete guide !

Member of the ASEAN since 1967, Singapore maintains an optimal position within South-East Asia to attract foreign investments. Its entire English legislation makes it very accessible for everyone. Moreover, Singapore offers a secure and stable economic environment which suits perfectly any company project. With low corporate tax and many other conveniences, the Private Company Limited by Shares is the go-to entity form. Necessary requirements


Singapore’s 2021 Budget Stance

Singapore’s Minister for Finance, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, has recently delivered a speech about the future 2021 Budget to the Parliament. Here is a summary. The year 2020 was extremely concerning for Singapore evidently due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although this sanitary crisis received strong awareness from the government (100S$ billion budget plan), the country has faced the biggest deficit in its history since