Representative office in Thailand : Everything you need to know (2022)

A Representative Office is a popular choice for foreign companies wishing to explore the Thai market or allow their head office to engage with their business interests in Thailand. One of the key benefits of a Representative Office is the reduced requirements for supporting a foreign employees Work Permit, making it a great choice for companies looking to establish a presence in Thailand. What


Discover our Digital Platform (in partnership with BeCorps)

As you may know, MBIA recently launched it’s Digital Platform, to help you manage your business online. The platform was developed by BeCorps. Here is everything you need to know about the platform, and our partner company. Introducing Becorps Digital platforms are online solutions that enable multiple tasks to be performed in the same place through the internet. These platforms have become an essential

impatries tax France

Tax benefits for newcomers in France : Régime des impatriés, everything you need to know

In order to encourage its expatriates, who left France to live in another country, to come back in France, the French government has implemented a favorable tax regime: Régime des impatriés. The regime is regulated under the article 155B of the French general tax code which provides a special tax regime for a limited period for employees and managers called by a company established


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2021 deadlines calendar for THAILAND : public holidays, tax filings, payments and financial reports

Don’t miss any business deadline in 2021 in Thailand with our Deadlines Calendar 2021 ! Payment, taxes, business reports, lodgements, public holidays… RBA is happy to offer your this useful document. You can also download it here : 2021 THAILAND deadlines Calendar             ——————————————————– My Business Asia is the best offer to help you for your accounting, corporate services,

5 most common Tax mistakes in Thailand and how to avoid them

Companies operating in Thailand should be cautious about matters that could cause surcharges, fines or investigations by the Revenue Department. This article will guide you through the main common tax mistakes that businesses in Thailand often make. 1. VAT registration If the company has an annual turnover exceeding 1.8 million baht, the company must register with the VAT system (Form VAT 01) before commencing