Updated advisory on Covid 19 vaccination at the workplace in Singapore (2022)


MBIA is sharing with you the lastest updates and measures for law firms and any related business in Singapore, following the government updates, for 2022, for Covid 19 vaccination at the workplace.


Employees in Singapore who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the disease within 270 days will be allowed to return to workplaces from 1 January 2022.

All unvaccinated employees will not be allowed to return to workplace unless they have a negative Pre-Event Test (“PET”), and the result must be valid during those hours that the employee will be at their workplaces.

Employees will generally be required to bear the cost of the test.


Work arrangements for unvaccinated employees.


1. Employers are requested to give special consideration to employees who are pregnant or medically ineligible for the vaccine.

For employers who fall within these two categories, employers should consider allowing them to do work from home if they are able to do so, and their absence from the workplace should not affect their performance assessment. Employers may alternatively redeploy the employees to suitable jobs which can be done at home and pay a salary in line with the responsibilities of the alternative job.


2. Unvaccinated employees who are not pregnant or ineligible for the vaccine.

Employers may allow their unvaccinated employees whose work can be done at home to continue to work from home. For employees whose work cannot be done at home, employers can either allow them to continue in their existing job and take their PET outside of working hours; redeploy these employees to suitable jobs which can be done from home if such jobs are available and pay a salary in line with the responsibilities of the alternative job.

Employers can also place these employees on no pay leave or terminate the employment of these individuals with the proper notice period. If such termination of employment is due to the employee’s inability to be at the workplace to perform their contracted work, such termination will not be considered as wrongful dismissal.

All employers may ask employees for their vaccination status and required them to produce proof of vaccination before going to the workplace. Employees who refuse to do so can be treated as unvaccinated.

Employers should facilitate vaccination by granting employees paid time-off for their vaccination and paid sick leave in the event that the employee experiences a vaccine-related adverse reaction.


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