Post-Registration Formalities

Certificate of Incorporation
The Company Registrar will send an official email notification confirming the incorporation of the company. The email notification includes the company registration number and is treated as the official certificate of incorporation in Singapore. A hard copy of the certificate of incorporation is no longer issued by default, as it is not required in Singapore, but one can be obtained by an online request to the Company Registrar on payment of a fee of approximately S$50.

Company Business Profile
A business profile containing the particulars of the company can be obtained from the Company Registrar by an online request on payment of a small fee. Generally, the document (a PDF file) is available for download within an hour of the request and contains the following key details:

  • Company name and registration number;
  • Previous names of the company, if any;
  • Incorporation date;
  • Principal activities;
  • Paid-up capital;
  • Registered office address;
  • Details of the shareholders, directors and company secretary;
The email notification of incorporation and company business profile are sufficient evidence of the legal status of the company in Singapore for all legal and contractual purposes, including the opening of corporate bank accounts, signing a lease for business premises, subscribing to telephone/internet services, etc.
Other items that will be required upon registration of the Singapore company include:
  • Share certificates for each of the shareholders;
  • Share register recording share allocation;
  • Company seal; and
  • A rubber stamp for the company.
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