Registration of a Representative Office in Singapore

A Singapore representative office (RO) is usually set up when a foreign company wishes to establish a presence in Singapore, but does not (yet) intend to conduct business there. A RO is primarily for non-commercial activities, including administrative activity. Under Singapore law, a RO is not a business entity and is not allowed to undertake any profit generating activities.

In order to register a Singapore RO, all applications must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The foreign parent company must have annual sales turnover in excess of USD250,000; and
  • Have been established for three years or more; and
  • The proposed number of employees in the RO must be five or less.
The following documents are required to register a RO:
  • Completed application;
  • Copy of the parent’s Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate;
  • Copy of the parent’s latest annual report and audited accounts; and
  • Duly endorsed undertaking to abide by the legislation and regulations governing the operation of RO in Singapore
All documents must be in English or provided with an official English translation.

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