Registration of a Joint Stock Company (JSC) in Vietnam

The main difference between Joint Stock Company (JSC) and Limited Liability Company is that the Joint Stock Company can raise funds by issuing company shares and mobilise capital by the sale of its shares. Shareholders of a Joint-Stock Company are liable for the debts of the company limited to the amount of their capital contributions to the company.

A JSC is required to have at least three shareholders, whether individuals or corporate entities and who can be Vietnamese or foreign.  There is no upper limit to the number of shareholders. The founding shareholders must together subscribe to at least twenty per cent (20%) of the ordinary shares that are issued.

The management of a JSC comprises the Management Board (elected at the shareholders’ meeting), the director or general director.  Similar to LLC, JSC is required to have at least one legal representative and if more than one, the chairman and the general director must both be legal representatives.

To qualify for listing on the Vietnam Stock Exchange a company is required to be in the legal form of a Joint Stock Company. 

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