Summary of Registration procedures in Vietnam

The Registration of  a business entity in Vietnam can appear to be time-consuming when compared to developed countries like Singapore and Hong Kong but with our expert guidance investors should expect that it can take up to one month to complete the company registration formalities. The time taken by the government to review the application could be longer depending on the proposed business activities, area of incorporation and the quality of incorporation documents. We will ensure that the incorporation and all supporting documents are prepared in accordance with the relevant regulations and provide all the material information to enable the application to proceed successfully and with the minimum of delay.
General business registration process

We offer an inclusive three stage process, working with you at each stage to ensure an efficient and successful outcome to your business application:


  • We will work with you in the initial consultation and advice on the proposed business activities, the appropriate type of entity to register and the preparation of a detailed business plan.
  • We will prepare an itemised list of the documents required to support the business application and provide a due diligence checklist.
  • We will prepare the appropriate application form to be filed and obtain the  investment certificate  and Charter of the Company
  • Finally, we will provide an analysis and feasibility plan of the proposed project
  • We will complete a detailed review and assemble all application documents to ensure all documents are complete and in correct form to avoid unnecessary delay and rejection by the authorities.
  • When complete we will submit all the material documents to relevant government agencies to obtain investment certificate.
  • We will arrange for the  company seal  to be produced in the correct form and registered with police department
  • Prepare and submit application for a tax code at the Municipal Taxation Department. 
  • Pay business license tax
  • Open the corporate bank account
  • Ensure that legal notice of the authorisation is published 
  • Complete the labour registration to declare the employment of staff and labour
  • Register employees with Social Insurance fund
  • Register with a trade union
Required documents for all applications including Commercial Branch and Representative Offices, LLC’s and Joint Stock Companies
Foreign investors have to be prepared to provide the parent company’s (i) certificate of incorporation, (ii) business registration license (if any), (iii) Memorandum and Articles of Association (also known as Company Constitution), (iv) audited financial statements  v) passport of the chief representative or branch head. 

Company Documents have to be translated into Vietnamese and be certified and legalized by the Vietnam Embassy.  We recommend that we are provided with scanned copies of all the company documents for our professional review and screening before incurring what can be the significant costs of translation, certification and legalization. 

Should you require any further information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.