How to change company secretary in Singapore?


You are unsatisfied with the services of your company’s corporate secretary in Singapore.

You are having troubles reaching out to your secretary.

You want to talk with a real person.

You are struggling to issue new shares in due time for your company.

Then, it might be time to change corporate secretary.

If you have a private limited company or any local company you need to make sure that the company has an existing secretary. The good news is that changing corporate secretary is easy to do.

Change company secretary in Singapore

Changing company secretary in Singapore is possible according to the Companies Act. The first important task is to find a new company secretary. Selecting a new corporate services provider (CSP) will bridge the gaps and shortcomings of your previous local secretary.

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The new company secretary will help with drafting and ensuring a smooth transition from your previous corporate services provider. The new provider will need to draft and prepare the following documents:

–         A resolution of the directors, for the resignation of the previous company secretary. In the same resolution it is possible to appoint the new corporate secretary.

–         Requesting the resignation letter from the previous company secretary

–         Prepare and sign the Form 45B. This document, signed by the new company secretary acts their consent to take on the duties and responsibilities of secretary for the private companies in Singapore.

–         Once these documents are signed, they must be filed with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

The new secretary is allowed to lodge the documents with ACRA. They can proceed to request all the private limited company’s documents from the previous Corporate Services Provider (CSP). The new mandated CSP can also conduct a due diligence to ensure that all the required documents are properly handed over.


Additional consideration before changing company secretary in Singapore

The company secretary is part of the company officers of private companies (other company officers include the company directors and shareholders). The company’s registers will then contain the name of the new company secretary.

Because, the CSP is often in charge of preparing and filing annual returns, they can act as the public accountant of the private limited company. Also, the company secretary has the responsibility of ensuring the proper filing of company documents with the Singapore bodies.

The role of the company secretary is critical during the financial year end. Indeed, the CSP must ensure that the company file all necessary documents like the financial statements of the company.

At this point, changing corporate secretary can be hazardous. It is advisable to proceed with caution when considering a change of corporate secretary around the company financial year end.

Additionally, a director can also become corporate secretary if they are not sole director of the company.

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Learning more about company secretaries

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