How to secure a Dependant Pass in Singapore?

Dependant Pass Singapore securing one Employment Pass criteria

If your family member is working in Singapore under an Employment Pass or a S Pass, you might be eligible to join them, reside and live in Singapore. In this article, we will detail the eligibility criteria and procedures to get a Dependant Pass (also named DP or Dependant’s Pass).

Who is eligible to the Dependant Pass?

The dependant pass can be applied for family members who:

  • Is a legally married spouse, or
  • An unmarried child, who is 20 years old or younger,
  • Is applied under an Employment Pass or S Pass holder
    • Who earns a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 6,000
  • Is applied under an EntrePass (Entrepreneur Pass)

Spouses will need to produce a copy of the marriage certificate. Children’s application must include a copy of the birth certificate with parent’s names.

Please also note the children who are 12 years old or younger will need to have been vaccinated and produce additional documents to the Singapore Health Promotion Board. You can find the related information on vaccination requirements on this page.

Dependant Pass to reside and live in Singapore

The Dependant Pass allows to reside in Singapore for the duration of the pass. The DP holder can also leave and re-enter Singapore without entry visa.

The pass is valid for the duration of the Employment Pass / S Pass / EntrePass to which it is tied to. This means that if the EP linked to the DP expires after 18 months, the DP will also expire after 18 months.

Working in Singapore with a DP

A DP holder can also find work in Singapore by, either:

  • Apply for a S Pass or Employment Pass through their prospective employer. In this case the DP will be cancelled after the new work pass is accepted.
  • Apply for a Work Permit through their prospective employer. Which means that the work permit will be tied to the DP. They will also not be subject to the following Work permit requirements:
    • Nationality requirementssix-monthly medical examination, security bond or pregnancy restrictions.
    • Medical insurance from employer requirements
  • Start a business of their own with a Letter of Consent (LoC) from the MoM (Ministry of Manpower), if the DP holder is:
    • a local sole proprietora partner within a local partnershipa company director with at least 30% of the shares of the local company

Renewing the Dependant Pass

The application for renewal of the Dependant Pass can be done within 6 months before its expiry. The conditions for renewal are the same criteria than for application.

The renewal application must be submitted before expiry of the pass by the employer.


The Dependant Pass is ideal for member of the families willing to come and reside in Singapore. Although, the DP is not ideal for spouses willing to work in the city state. In that regard, the most straight forward path is to apply for a S Pass or Employment Pass.

MyBusiness in Asia can assist you with your Employment Pass and Dependant Pass applications in order to ease the process and smoothen any transition in Singapore.

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