Migrate to a new Corporate Service Provider

Migrate and change to a new company secretary corporate service provider

Your current Corporate Service Provider :

  • fails to communicate effectively with you,
  • make recurrent mistakes,
  • misses deadlines, or;
  • does not inform you of the latest regulations?

You can migrate your company secretary services along with your accounting, payroll, tax and immigration needs.

Change company secretary in Singapore

You are legally allowed to change your corporate service provider (which includes your company secretary) whenever you want.

Here are the few steps required to change company secretary:

  • Step 1: A Director’s Resolution in Writing (“DRIW”) for the resignation of the previous company secretary and appointment of the new company secretary.
  • Step 2: Requesting the resignation letter from the previous company secretary.
  • Step 3: Prepare and sign the Form 45B for the new secretary to indicate consent to act as secretary.
  • Step 4: Lodgment to notify ACRA of the appointment and resignation of secretaries.
  • Step 5: Requesting all company’s documents from the previous Corporate Service Provider.

MyBusiness in Asia is an experienced service provider working with the award-winning RBA group

MyBusiness in Asia offers you to migrate your corporate services for free. MBiA liaises with the previous corporate service provider to ensure a smooth migration. We also offer a free-of-charge consultation to assess the needs of your company.

MBiA is licensed to act as company secretary and is a filing agent in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The difference between MBiA and other service providers:

  • Our accounting, tax and corporate secretarial services are entirely conducted internally, we do not outsource any aspect of the business. The quality of our service is key for us.
  • We assign a dedicated accountant and company secretary expert to handle all your matters.
  • Our staff is supervised by internationally trained and experienced professionals with years of experience in Asia.
  • We retain key digital features that enhance our services: business payment account, messaging platform, cloud accounting and more.
  • We have a strong experience in dealing with complex cases from years of corporate services backgrounds.

We advise and renders a full scope of services including:

  • Accounting and annual returns
  • Immigration (including Employment Passes) & Payroll
  • Company Secretary
  • Corporate and personal tax
  • and more

Let’s get started!

Learning more about company secretaries

If you want to learn more about company secretary requirements in Singapore, you can read our other articles.

Our services are all performed in-house by experts with extensive experience. They are available and can ensure of easy communication as well as tailored advices for your business in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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