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HKD 10,000 / year
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • AR / AGM

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HKD 23,000 / year
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • AR / AGM
  • Tax
  • Accounting pack 1

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HKD 25,000 / year
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • AR / AGM
  • Tax
  • Accounting pack 2

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HKD 28,000 / year
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • AR / AGM
  • Tax
  • Accounting pack 3

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HKD 34,000 / year
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Address
  • AR / AGM
  • Tax
  • Accounting pack 4

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Optional Offers

Employment visa application

HKD 12,000

Rescue Accounting Package

starts at HKD 15,000 /year


starts at HKD 10,000 /year

Profit tax return

starts at HKD 3,000

Audit liaison assistance

starts at HDK 7,000

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How to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

Have some questions?

What is the minimum requirement to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

In order to open a company in Hong Kong you will need to have:

  • 1 local company secretary;
  • A least one director (individual or corporate), who can be located outside Hong Kong;
  • A minimum capital of HKD 1;
  • 1 shareholder minimum to a maximum of 50;
  • a local registered address.

You may find further details in our other articles here

Do I need a director based in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong it is not mandatory for the director of the company to be located in Hong Kong.

Can the company bank account be situated abroad?

You may choose to open the company bank account in another jurisdiction than Hong Kong. However, having a local bank account may help your business in its day-to-day operations especially if you intend to have an economic substance in Hong Kong (employee, office, activities…)

What is the Annual Return of my company?

Known as the NAR1 Form, the annual return must be filed every year within 42 days after the date of the company incorporation. The form contains the updated information of the company including the details of the registered office address, the company secretary, the shareholders, directors, and capital of the company.





I don’t have any employee in HK should I need to prepare an Employer’s return?

Yes, the company still need to file yearly the form stating that the company has nil employee.

My employer provides me with a place of residence in Hong Kong, should I include it in my personal assessable income?

Depending on the type of accommodation provided by your employer, the percent of Rental Value “RV”, will have to be computed and included to your assessable income. The RV is calculated at 4%, 8% or 10% (depending on the type of accommodation) of your total net income versed by your employer (including income, bonuses and perquisites) and the associated corporation after deducting outgoings and expenses (excluding expenses of self-education).


The RV of such place should be included in the assessable income of your total net income, less the amount of the part of the rent eventually supported by yourself.

How my company is defined as a tax resident of Hong Kong?

A company is considered to be tax resident in Hong Kong if its place of management and control is located there.

What are the statutory filing requirements for my company?

In Hong Kong, a private company limited by shares must comply with certain statutory filing requirements. The companies shall on an annual basis:


  • Prepare and file a corporate tax return for tax purposes;
  • Prepare and file an Annual General Meeting and an Annual Return reporting any changes in their particulars (i.e. change of registered address, new company secretary, share capital increase, new shareholders, etc.).
  • Audit is required for all incorporated companies.


Please refer to our article here for more details.

How long does it take to apply for a working visa in Hong Kong?

The processing to obtain the approval for a working visa in Hong Kong is normally comprise between 4-6 weeks from the submission date.

Is there tax on Offshore Profits?

Companies established in HK are only taxed on profits made locally, while profits from foreign sources are exempt. In other words, profits made locally are qualified as onshore and those made outside of HK are qualified as offshore.

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Every company is required to appoint at least one local company secretary, (individual or body corporate).
From incorporation, every company must have a local registered office address. You can select our address as your registered address to facilitate the processing of your paperwork and minimize processing times of your requests.
AR: Hong Kong companies are required to file an Annual Return approved by the director(s) with the CR, every year within 42 days after the anniversary date of the company incorporation.

AGM: Hong Kong companies must hold an Annual General Meeting every financial year. During the meeting, the audited financial statements are approved by the shareholders. Can be also taken strategic decisions for the company (payments of dividends, re-election of the director(s), re-appointment of auditor, etc.).
Hong Kong companies are required to file Annual Tax Return with the IRD along with the audited account.

Please note that the operational Hong Kong companies must appoint an auditor.