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Corporate communications in a post COVID environment in Hong Kong

With intents to combat the COVID 19 pandemic and support businesses, the Hong Kong SAR Government has introduced measures to increase social distancing, prohibits group gatherings in public places unless exempted. The prohibition is also applicable to group gatherings on event premises. The pandemic has disrupted accessibility to offices and required limitations to group gatherings. Measures and adaptations for post Covid businesses in Hong


Discover our Digital Platform (in partnership with BeCorps)

As you may know, MBIA recently launched it’s Digital Platform, to help you manage your business online. The platform was developed by BeCorps. Here is everything you need to know about the platform, and our partner company. Introducing Becorps Digital platforms are online solutions that enable multiple tasks to be performed in the same place through the internet. These platforms have become an essential


Company secretary in Hong Kong : the complete guide

To be in compliance with the Hong Kong laws, limited companies must have one director, one company secretary and a registered office address in Hong Kong. It is therefore necessary to meet all of these requirements before to start the incorporation of your limited company in Hong Kong. In this article, we will focus on the role and responsibilities of the company secretary. Who

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Tax benefits for newcomers in France : Régime des impatriés, everything you need to know

In order to encourage its expatriates, who left France to live in another country, to come back in France, the French government has implemented a favorable tax regime: Régime des impatriés. The regime is regulated under the article 155B of the French general tax code which provides a special tax regime for a limited period for employees and managers called by a company established

Hong Kong Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship VS Private Limited Company in Hong Kong : everything you need to know

Sole proprietorship and private limited company in Hong Kong have several differences, but also similarities. We will tell you here everything you need to know about these two entities, in details, in order to make the right decision ! DEFINITION A sole-proprietorship is an unincorporated business which does not have any ‘’legal personality’’, as compared with a private limited company, which has its own


Everything you need to know about the Work Permit in Hong Kong

Foreign employees working on the territory of Hong-Kong must have obtained a working visa before beginning to work and to enter on the territory of Hong-Kong to exercise any professional activities.   The working visa request Persons looking to work in Hong-Kong have to apply a working visa which must be requested by the future employer (the Sponsor) with the Hong-Kong Immigration Department. The