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MyBusiness in Asia is a digital provider of accounting and corporate secretarial services in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Our areas of expertise include: Company Formation, Corporate Secretary, Accounting, Corporate Taxation, HR & Payroll outsourcing, Visas and Immigration Assistance, Company Structuring, Audit Liaison, Business Advisory, Bookkeeping.

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Our digital solutions

From accounting and company secretary to visas, all our services are fully integrated and digitalized
to provide high-quality and swift response to your needs.

Payment Solution
Open a business account in 2 weeks or less to send and receive money. We strive to facilitate your business activity by offering you a faster and easier alternative payment solution. Our branded solution covers your payment needs such as global accounts, foreign exchange and multi-currency wallets, cross-border pay-outs and multi-currency virtual cards.
More than supplementing your banking experience, we enhance it with a business account to conduct all your payment operations and conduct business on a global scale.
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Legal and Compliance
By centralising all your company’s legal, administrative and compliance requests, our in-house platform facilitates managing your business. The online solution is for company secretarial services and automates payment, KYC, billing, and organizing online documents. You can access your filed documents instantaneously, incorporate a new company, file and check your due diligence requirements, follow the timeline of your requests, request resolutions for your companies, etc.
Your corporate secretary is now online, accessible, and viewable through a comprehensive dashboard, still experts are reachable to support your requests.
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Accounting & Tax
While computing and filing corporate tax, personal tax and dealing with offshore taxation claims is complex, we integrate our online solution with the rest of our services to streamline all the tax processes. A systematic approach built within the software enables standardisation and faster computation of taxes for a better efficiency. Regardless of the type of company or structure, foreign currency tax computations, scheduling, rulings and other features such as fixed assets schedules are built in and created based on governmental agencies formats for an easier filing.
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Communication & Doc Sharing
Communicating with both your team and our experts is a crucial aspect of rendering better services. Our app is designed with the constrains of a connected business world in mind. It is accessible from your smartphone as well as your computer and contains the features of your usual messaging app such as chat, video calls and file document sharing but augmented with e-signature, collaborative tools directly on documents, organisation of online files and accesses tailored to your confidentiality preferences.
Our communication app is a comprehensive solution to connect with your experts and get your projects done.
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Private Consultations with our Experts
With MBiA, digital services are complemented by seasoned experts available to support your projects. To this end, our video meeting solution provides you flexibility and availability to connect with our experts and discuss your projects. You can book virtual appointments at suitable time for you without having to liaise through extensive number of emails. We will put you in touch with the adequate and experienced professional to support you.
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Payroll & HR
Payroll, leave and claims filing are all handled onto the online platform. By handling your payroll and attached services with the cloud solution we can compute with higher accuracy and ease your different employees and employer reporting and filing requirements. Social contributions and taxes are plugged in with our other online solutions to consolidate all requirements. The cloud solution is accessible by employers and employees to manage expense reimbursement, leaves and statutory contributions.
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Our service philosophy

We aim to provide entrepreneurs and SMEs with fully integrated and digitalized services complemented by professional expertise.

• Go paperless for all your documents, accessible everywhere
• Reach our professionals any time you need
• All your forms and filings are in your virtual dashboards
• Validate, review and sign documents electronically from any device
• Receive tailored advises for your business projects

• Email, virtual meeting, instant messaging platform, choose how to reach us

We register and service companies in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Secretary, Accounting, Taxation, HR & Payroll are all done remotely. We are a brand of RBA and part of Rosemont International Group.

More about our Group

Who we are

MBiA is a multi-disciplinary advisory firm providing accounting, tax and corporate secretarial services to entrepreneurs and corporations, for the structuring and administration of their affairs.
Our services are fully integrated and digitalized to provide high-quality and swift response to your needs.

We complement our virtual offerings with established and recognized know-how from experts able to support you.

MBiA is part of RBA Group, an award-winning group with expertise and offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Careers at MBiA

We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs getting their business off the ground, startups to scale and SMEs to go global.
Find out more about working at MBiA, send an email to and our team will get in touch. Alternatively, see and apply for one of our current vacancies on our LinkedIn page: MyBusiness in Asia: Jobs.