The use of electronic Signature in Hong Kong

The major legislation regulating the new Hong Kong electronic signature is the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (ETO), which allows digital signatures for general business use. For transactions not involving Government entities, a signature requirement under the law can be met by any form of electronic signature so long as it is: Reliable, Appropriate, and Agreed by the recipient of the signature. For instance, Click-to-Sign Signatures,


Hong Kong offshore status

Hong Kong adopts a territorial basis for taxing profits derived from a trade, profession, or business carried on in Hong Kong. Companies established in Hong Kong are only taxed on profits made locally, while profits from foreign-sourced are exempt. In other words, profits made in Hong Kong are qualified as onshore and those made outside Hong Kong are qualified as offshore. Profits made in


5 good reasons to register a company in Hong Kong

Let’s discover five good reasons to register a company in Hong Kong. There are many reasons why Hong Kong may be the perfect location for your business, such as an economic environment that is trustworthy, a tax and business approach that is business-friendly, a world-class infrastructure, a productive legal system, and a financial gateway to mainland China.   Minimum conditions for company incorporation: Setting